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Greer's Ranch House Sausage LLC

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About Us

Greer’s was born in 1966 out of an opportunity to purchase Gable’s Ranch House Sausage. David Greer saw an opportunity and was encouraged to buy with the blessing of T.D. Greer. T.D. was a lifelong meat purveyor in all fields from slaughter operations to retail management. He became a meat supervisor for AP Grocer in San Antonio, TX at a young age and moved along the career path to become owner of Greer’s Greenleaf Packing Co. in Muskogee, OK. Later to be known as Sante Fe Meat Packing Co.

The recipe’s were already in hand and Gable’s provided the outlet to commit to pork production and further processed pork items. Times were tough and humble while David tried to keep income coming in with old Gable products while transitioning the company into a committed Breakfast Sausage and Ham facility. Through the transition and considering equipment was on hand, bacon was also born into Greer’s.

Lacking our modern day convenience of warehouse distribution Greer’s covered retail and foodservice across all of NE Oklahoma. During the time David became hungry one day and decided to run a chub of sausage through a slicer and the sausage pattie was born. Depending on who you speak too, Greer’s was the first to make a sausage pattie for foodservice and from that, the company rapidly grew to a primary source of sausage patties throughout the Mid-South. Foodservice consumed operations through the mid 2000’s.

The company was purchased by Bryan and Tom Greer in 2010 and after a brief period of reprioritizing, a new energy to get back into retail became a priority and is the main focus of company growth today. The goal of which is to use small company flexibility and get to the consumer what they are asking for: Local, name brand, great product at low everyday prices.